Strategic Plan

1) Develop a wider understanding of teaching styles and classroom practice

  • Intensive training & classroom guidance by educational professionals
  • Collegial professional development especially for new teachers.
  • Speak only English in the staff room and in all subjects except Nepalese using the impressed method.

2) Allocate funds in the annual budgets to increase teaching resources in the classroom.

  • Teachers to submit wish lists
  • Leadership team to prioritise
  • Board to decide.

3) Develop child friendly play and sporting spaces.

  • Early childhood play area
  • Paved multi-purpose court
  • Grassy areas in which to sit
  • Level and plant grass on oval outside compound.

4) Develop good lines of Communication

  • Provide adequate noticeboards
  • Newsletters
  • Assemblies
  • Staff meetings
  • Parent meetings

5) Develop a culture of servant hood

  • Follow the example of Jesus
  • Be willing to share the load
  • Be aware of others needs and offer to assist where possible
  • Do what needs to be done when you see what needs to be done.

6) Celebrate the Christian calendar

  • Involve the children and the parent community in Easter and Christmas activities.

7) Teach the Bible consistently and encourage the children to respond to and follow Jesus.

  • Program regular chapel services
  • Follow a weekly bible teaching/values program.
  • Liaise with the church community for opportunities for outreach

8) Establish a strong music department

  • Commence and maintain¬† a school choir
  • Develop a school instrumental group

9) Provide for the education of every student

  • Develop a strong assessment program
  • Adapt teaching methods for individuals

'We are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other.'