Mission & Vission

Vision Statement
"Building an Educational Community which glorifies The God"
Mission Statement
"To prepare young people for a life of service and worship in community and for eternity"

Goal 1 – to develop CCS 1 as an English medium school in Mulpani which provides biblically based education from nursery to tertiary

  • Provide the infrastructure to establish a school
  • Comply with all Government Regulations
  • Maintain the integrity and importance of the Nepalese language
  • Provide ongoing training in English language for staff

Goal 2 – to employ only Christian teachers

  • Provide ongoing training and development
  • Provide an effective staffing policy
  • Commit to regular staff devotions and bible studies
  • Ensure prayer is a part of daily life with teachers and students

Goal 3 – for the school to work independently but in partnership with the church

  • Maintain a separate board of governors which meets monthly to assess the spiritual and financial needs of the school and maintain the vision of the school
  • To ensure the Pastor of the Church is informed of all important issues

Goal 4 – to enrol students giving preference to children from the Lighthouse foundation, then church families and then families prepared to work under the leadership and aspirations of the school

  • Develop an enrolment policy
  • Ensure enrolment decisions to be made by the leadership team  of the school

Goal 5 – to have a curriculum based on biblical principals

  • Use established biblically based rationales for each syllabus offering
  • Integrate biblical teaching with content where it is meaningful and relevant
  • Develop a Biblical Worldview
  • Review set and hidden curriculum regularly to ensure it reflects a biblical world view

Goal 6 –to have effective Christian teaching

  • Provide ongoing relevant and culturally sensitive professional development
  • Include regular teaching meetings as a whole and in departments
  • Provide mentoring by department co-ordination
  • Complete Performance reviews (initially externally and then internally)

Goal 7 - to have adequate resourcing

  • Ensure resources meet curriculum needs
  • Develop an I.T. infrastructure with applicable resources which prepare for a modern world
  • Maintain an up to date assets and resource registrar (registrar)
  • Encourage staff to be good stewards of resources
  • Develop a school policy on borrowing resources

Goal 8 – to develop a missional community

  • Encourage staff to be aware of student welfare
  • Foster good links with families and communities
  • Develop regular mission teams to visit areas of need with Nepal and other achievable locations

Goal 9 – to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment to encourage learning

  • Ensure staff are aware of safety and cleanliness of school facilities
  • Develop playground duty roster which provides for a safe environment
  • Provide avenues for students to report harmful behaviour
  • Establish a behaviour management policy which includes school and classroom rules
  • Keep daily attendance records

Goal 10 – to establish a Strategic Plan for the effective running of the school

  • write a plan based on perceived needs of board and staff
  • Assign the monitoring and reviewing  of the plan to Dean of Studies
  • Employ a qualified person to oversee finances
  • Require monthly reports presented to the board  - including year to date figures and cash flows
  • Write an Annual Report

'We are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other.'