Sports Day 2071

According to the prospectus of our school, we organized the sports day on February 4th 2015.  Early in the Wednesday morning, students made a shape of school name in the playground by standing together and they have shown their march-pass performance with beautiful smart dresses. The principal of our school declared of "Sports Day 2071" by giving such a nice speech to all of the students and teachers. The program was scheduled by the ECA department and they divided all of the students in different groups as like senior and junior student. There were lots of games organized like: football, basketball, badminton, high-jump, sack race etc.
All of the students were enjoying because it was a good time to fun, enjoy and exercise. Every students, who was participated in games they were performing their best by showing skills and talent for games. It was a wonderful and interesting day because everyone was having fun, by forgetting their all distress and cheering their own beloved students.
At the end of the day, the winner name was declared and congratulated them. One of the teacher of ECA department gave a short speech to encourage all of the players for further progress and also gave thanks to all of the students to cheer-up paticipants.

'We are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other.'