Great Achievement of CCS School

There was the great moment for CCS school this last week. Since the school was established in 2067, it has aimed, in its own vision, to touch the community and transform the nation through its quality education. We were all waiting for the day for the presentation of the award. The program was launched by the Nepal Youth Society who revealed that we are moving towards success which requires us to work hard. This is how we gained our victory for CCS. The program organised by Nepal Youth Society was an informative program where they launched a Nepali movie called "Sandesh" and also they showed appreciation for the schools from different parts of Nepal for providing quality education to the community. Altogether there were 18 schools awarded certificates for the National Education Award – 2071 which was hand over by the chief guest, Respected Khil Raj Regmi (Ex-President Council of Ministers). Though CCS was established 4 years ago, they complimented us by telling the audience that we have been giving quality education in our short period of establishment in our community which helps to remove educational darkness and illiteracy. This is a great achievement for our school as they mentioned that our school has made a great impact in the society. This award has been a great inspiration for us and motivates us to do even better in the days ahead. Appreciation shown to CCS is to appreciate all the staff at the school, their supporters and well-wishers. This is the beginning of the next step for us to achieve more progress. We believe we can achieve this in the future.

'We are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other.'