Science Workshop

Experiment and workshop are part of learning process, understanding of facts and the concepts of science. The principles and study of science has become a dynamic force and major discipline in our education system. Experiment helps students to gain more knowledge about the amazing facts of science and technology.
Students of grade 7 took the first initiative to prove themselves by organizing science workshop in their own school ground on 24 february 2014. They prepared various experiments, related to their content and demonstrated it to the students of grade 4, 5 and 6. Special care was taken in the selection of experiment so that they can be interesting, attractive and informative. The main attraction of the programme was electronic boat which show upthrust and rotatory motion, volcanic formation, land conservation, parachute and  rotation of planets.
The presentation of great minds of students inspired and boosted the junior students and it also aroused more curiosity to learn and understand the amazing facts about science. The hard work and dedication of the students enhanced their creativity. They also learned various uses of science in their daily life. Thus the programme turned out to be very successful and learner centered.

'We are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other.'