Educational Excursion (8th Falgun 2070)

An excursion is a journey to a place whether that relieves a person and gives refreshment to life a part from our daily activities with the same view. Our students were taken to an educational excursion to Godawari on 8th Falgun 2070 which lies at the heart of Mid Development Region. The main aim of taking our students to Godawari is to visit the ‘Fish Research Center’ and ‘Botanical Garden’. First of all, our students were taken to Fish Research center. They gained much information about different species fish, their scientific names, its preservation and many process and many more. Secondly, they were taken to Botanical Garden which imparted more knowledge and ideas related to the preservation of different types of plants in different temperature.
Apart from gaining knowledge this excursion helped all the students and faculty member to be refreshed and deepen relationship with each other.In such way the educational excursion had its impact on the knowledge as well as the relationship with each other.

'We are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other.'