Message From Principal

I want to let you know that it is our goal to use this website as a communication tool - to keep   students, teachers, parents, and community members informed on the happenings at CCS1. We are proud of our school and want to communicate the wonderful things that are happening. It is our intention that you find this site helpful and easy to navigate.  There is some great information located within this site, so please surf around.
We have extensive facilities with a commitment to academic excellence through an integrated curriculum that challenges and motivates students to realize their full potential. We support our curriculum by creating learning environments that best suits the needs of our students. At CCS1, we provide a basis for lifelong learners through a challenging, supportive, stimulating and caring environment.
We truly believe that it is our mission to be committed to learning for all students as they are guided to reach their highest potential.

'We are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other.'